Countermeasures against infectious diseases including the new coronavirus

In order to ensure the health and safety of our guests, the hotel is taking the following measures to prevent infectious diseases, including the new coronavirus. These measures may cause some inconvenience to our guests, and we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Efforts to prevent customer infection

Confirmation of body temperature and travel history

We have installed a thermal AI camera at the reception desk that can measure your body temperature just by placing your face close to it, and we ask all guests to take their temperature at check-in. If you have a fever of 37.5℃ or higher, you will not be allowed to stay at the hotel. The fever standard of 37.5℃ is based on administrative guidelines. When you check in, we will also ask you to present your ID card to confirm your identity and overseas travel history.

Thorough hand disinfection

Alcohol hand sanitizer is available in the hotel. For those who do not like alcohol, we also have an ozone water spray called “L-Kurin Minnie” that generates and sprays highly effective ozone water for sterilization.

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Health and safety management to prevent infection among employees

■We require employees to wear masks when leaving and entering work.
■Thorough hand washing, gargling, and hand disinfection.
■We always measure body temperature when employees arrive at work, and employees with fever are asked to stay home.
■We disinfect not only the inside of the hotel and guest rooms, but also the telephone handsets, ballpoint pens, and other equipment at the front desk every time.

All employees will continue to strive to reduce the risk of infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus with a high level of hygiene awareness, and to create a space and environment where guests can stay with peace of mind.

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