Interim presentation of the design for the art panels that will decorate HOTEL BRILLER was held

On October 22, 2020, an interim presentation was held at Kyoto University of Arts on the design of the art panels that will be displayed in the guest rooms and corridors of HOTEL BRILLER.
This project is an industry-academia collaboration conceived by local university students and businesses to boost tourism in Kyoto, which is currently suffering from the effects of the new coronavirus.
This project was realized with the cooperation of Kyoto University of Arts, Wellington, a Kyoto-based interior design manufacturer, and Nomura Art Plant, which sells custom upholstery in Kyoto.

Art panels that add color to the hotel and make you feel the atmosphere of Kyoto

The art panels will be designed by the students of the Dyeing and Textiles Course at Kyoto University of Arts. Nomura Art Plant will process the designs created by the students into inkjet panels.
The size of the art panel is 30 x 30 cm, and the design is based on the designs of the hand towels that the students originally created under the themes of “My Favorite KYOTO” and “Seventy-two Seasons”, and based on Hotel Brier’s order to create something with a sense of Kyoto and the seasons. (Incidentally, the design of the art panel is based on the design of the tenugui (hand towels) that I used to make for the HOTEL BRILLER.
(Incidentally, this hand towel, which is the basis of the art panel design, has been highly evaluated and sold very well.

Nervous presentation by the students

As this was an interim presentation, each of the students who created the design gave a presentation on the theme of their work, the particulars of their design, and the ingenuity and points they used to incorporate the original tenugui design into the art panel.
In order to turn the original vertical design into a 30cm square panel, the students changed the position of the gradation, trimmed, reduced, added new elements, and went through a trial and error process to create what they thought was the best design. They were nervous, but they presented their thoughts and ideas in their work.
The works were all of a high level, even though they were only mid-term presentations. It is rich in individuality. The designs are well-balanced and would fit in well with the surrounding atmosphere of a hotel.

Presentation successfully completed, what was the response?

After the presentations were over and everyone had a chance to take a closer look at the works, the guests of honor gave their general comments. Mr. Nakajima, the representative of Sumai Corporation, the owner of HOTEL BRILLER, expressed his gratitude to the students for their ingenuity in arranging the originally beautiful design into a 30 x 30 cm panel.
Mr. Nomura, the representative of Nomura Art Plant, then expressed his great admiration for the students’ fresh sensitivity and innovative way of perceiving Kyoto. Mr. Nomura, the representative of Nomura Art Plant, expressed his great admiration for the students’ fresh sensibility and innovative way of perceiving Kyoto, and suggested that when the art panels are displayed in the hotel, it would be better to include explanations by the students for each work to convey its appeal. This is a good idea.
This suggestion will be realized in the form of leaflets with explanatory comments to be placed in each guest room.
(The faculty members of the university seemed relieved by the high evaluation from the guests and their satisfied expressions.

Now, one more effort. The completed art panels will be displayed at the hotel.

This project will not only add color to the HOTEL BRILLER, but it will also be a valuable opportunity for the students to have their works displayed in the hotel and be seen by many people. For students who aspire to become artists in the future, this may be the first step to becoming an artist. I hope that through this project, not only the HOTEL BRILLER but also the students will be able to make a great leap forward.
After this interim presentation, the design of the art panels will be further brushed up, so please look forward to it. Before the grand opening of HOTEL BRILLER, the students will have a chance to see the completed art panels actually displayed in the hotel, with all the corona countermeasures in place.
From December 1, 2020, we will be accepting reservations from the general public,
so please stay at our hotel and see the art panels filled with the thoughts of the students.
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◎Thank you for your cooperation.
Kyoto University of Arts, Department of Arts and Crafts, Dyeing and Textile Course
Wellington Co.
Nomura Art Plant

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