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The moment you step into the lobby,
you will feel a sense of tranquility.

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About the guest rooms

The guest rooms are decorated in a soothing color scheme with an emphasis on a refined and natural look, providing a spacious and restful atmosphere.

All rooms are equipped with SIMMONS beds, which promise exceptional sleeping comfort, and all rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi for enhanced comfort.

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Commitment to guest rooms

In addition to Simmons bed mats, which promise special sleeping comfort, all rooms are equipped with Mirable Plus shower heads that enhance the natural beauty of the skin with their outstanding cleaning power.Moreover Dry mist atomizer "Air Force" which inactivates virus bacteria is rented for free of charge.

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Surrounding tourist attractions

HOTEL BRILLER is only a 5-minute walk from Kyoto Station, making it convenient to travel around Kyoto. You can enjoy the charms of the ancient city of Kyoto to your heart's content, such as visiting temples and shrines, traditional events, and seasonal Kyoto cuisine.

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Commitment to design & furnishings

Masato Yamaryo

Director of Turbo Design, a first-class architect office. He has been working on a wide range of projects, not only hotels but also houses, offices, factories, beauty salons, cafes, etc., mainly in Kyoto.

Naoto Seto

Representative director of Wellington, a specialty store that also deals in European antique furniture and lighting. The company has its own workshop in the store and warehouse, and undertakes various kinds of processing and restoration by craftsmen.